Illinois DUI Cop Accused of False Arrests

Written on February 26, 2009 at 5:14 PM :: Filed in the Illinois DUI category

The Sun Times reports that a second DUI officer, Joe Parker, has been charged with false arrest in Illinois DUI cases pending an internal police investigation. This scandal comes just one short year after John Haleas, another Chicago cop, was accused of lying in his reports and failing to perform the proper Illinois DUI tests. Haleas, who had been given awards for the high number of DUI arrests he had made is still under investigation.

Many if not most police officers conduct themselves professionally and ethically. Unfortunately, the bad behavior of certain Illinois police officers demonstrates how important it is for everyone accused of DUI to have a competent and skilled DUI attorney standing up for them. Many Illinois drivers don’t realize that field sobriety tests are highly unscientific and already are prone to mistakes and false alarms. That combined with police officers who unethically falsify reports or falsely claim to have given tests complicates the issue still further.

Though some people have already collected money from the Chicago police department for damages associated with these miscarriages of justice, both officers continue performing their job duties while under police department internal investigations. Since the law does not always ensure justice and fair treatment, it is important for drivers who have been accused of DUI to know their rights. Everyone is allowed legal representation at an Illinois DUI hearing. The services of an experienced and aggressive DUI attorney can uncover malfeasance, reveal inaccuracies in the investigation, and protect the client’s personal rights.

The right Illinois DUI attorney can fight for your rights and save your driving privileges. Statistics show that unrepresented drivers get DUI convictions the vast majority of the time. Don’t let this happen to you.

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