Novelle Law Associates has been protecting the rights of Illinois motorists since 1994

Attorney Spotlight

Attorney Robert A. Novelle, Jr. has practiced law in Illinois since 1994 handling the full range of traffic, criminal misdemeanor charges, and numerous felony charges. Prior to establishing his private practice, Mr. Novelle worked at the office of the State’s Attorney for Cook County; as well as the Cook County Public Defender’s office.

He understands how daunting the criminal justice system can be and has extensive experience guiding clients through its complexities. While some crimes carry harsher penalties than others, he always practices with the idea that every case is equally important to the person charged and will be treated that way.

B.A., Loyola University

J.D., John Marshall Law School in Chicago

Member - Illinois Bar, Illinois State Bar Association; Illinois Trial Lawyers Association; Northern District of Illinois, Western District of Wisconsin and the DuPage County Bar Association.