Possible charges against top Illinois DUI cop for False Arrests

Written on March 16, 2009 at 9:44 AM :: Filed in the Illinois DUI category

In a front page story titled “D-U-Lie” the Chicago Sun-Times reports that Cook County Prosecutors are considering filing criminal charges against a Chicago Police Officer. According to the Sun-Times, prosecutors continue to investigate the work of Chicago Police Officer Joe D. Parker. The investigation into Parker, who is one of Chicago’s top DUI cops, stems from a July 2008 DUI arrest of Raymond Bell. In that case, the Parker’s report indicates that Mr. Bell failed two field sobriety tests, the “walk-and-turn” and “one-leg-stand” tests. In his description of Mr. Bell’s performance Parker stated that Mr Bell “staggered” and was “unsteady.” Parker also said that Bell hopped, swayed and used his arms for balance while performing the tests. According to the Sun-Times, a video of the arrest shows that Mr. Bell appeared “perfectly balanced” while performing all of the tests. Upon seeing the video, which was subpoenaed by Mr. Bell’s DUI Attorney, Prosecutor’s dropped the DUI charges against Mr. Bell. In addition to considering filing criminal charges against Parker, prosecutors are reviewing dozens of other DUI arrests made by him, and may dismiss those charges as well.

In Illinois, DUI law is very complicated and the ramifications are severe. Unfortunately the outcome of many DUI cases rests entirely on the testimony of the Police Officer as to his or her “observations” of the person arrested. Typically, courts give a great deal of weight to the credibility of the testimony of the arresting officer, but Parker’s case, as well as others, show that sometimes police officers lie. Whether they are motivated by increased overtime pay for court appearances or by the accolades of making a large number of DUI arrests, the consequences for those wrongly accused is devastating. People may face the loss of their driving privileges, enormous fines, and even jail time simply because a police officer lied. Unfortunately, far too many people arrested for DUI believe that they cannot get justice and simple plea “guilty” to their DUI charge. Today’s news shows why it is so important to have an experienced and competent Illinois DUI attorney representing your interests. An Illinois DUI attorney will investigate your case thoroughly, expose any mistakes or false accusations and ensure that your rights are protected.

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